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Order Confirmation Agreement 
I understand that my Pre-Order Item will take around 3-4 Months if ordered from the United States and 6-8 Weeks if ordered from Swan Pan Asia - from the time that I submitted and confirmed the payment of my order.
Delivery and Shipping Agreement
I understand that choosing any shipping method aside from Meetups is subject to a delivery fee that I will pay to the courier and its company upon delivery of my order to my preferred delivery address.
I confirm that Game Detective is responsible for booking or requesting said courier services to pick up my order from their locale and will use the Contact Information I have provided in this form. 
I also confirm that I am aware that any shipping courier service will have their own lead times and that Game Detective, acting in its capacity as the Shipper, will on my behalf, reach out and mediate any issues with delivery but is not liable for delays caused by the courier company. 
Finally, I acknowledge that Game Detective is not affiliated with any courier or shipping company and does not charge any delivery fee except as imposed by the courier I choose. 
Game Detective is also not liable for any damages incurred by the courier during the transport and shipment of my order. However, Game Detective as a Gaming Concierge Service will mediate and reach out to said courier on my behalf.
Damaged Goods and Missing Components
Upon discovery of any box damage, component damage or missing components of my order aside from any previously acknowledged issues - I agree to inform Game Detective as soon as I can within 48 Hours from the delivery of my order. 
If found to be an issue due to Game Detective's mishandling of said order, I will agree to discuss options of either replacement, partial refund or return of said product. 
If missing or damaged components are found to be the Game Publisher or Designer's fault - I agree that Game Detective will reach out to the said Publisher or Designer on my behalf and discuss component replacement. 
I also agree that Game Detective will not be liable for any delays in the shipping of replacement components from the Publisher's side but will in their capacity as a Concierge Service continue to follow up on my behalf. 
Finally if any payment is required of me from the local Post Office, for the shipment of the missing components, I agree to pay for all costs and charges. The pick up of said items will also be my responsibility and not Game Detective's. 
Prior Agreements and Special Privileges
I understand that any prior terms and conditions between Game Detective and myself are subject to change and that Game Detective reserves the right to revoke any special privileges that I might have received in the past. 
Additionally, any special privileges I continue to receive from Game Detective are agreements between Game Detective and myself only and are not transferable to other clients unless agreed upon by Game Detective. 

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