Blood Rage: Viking Pledge

Blood Rage: Viking Pledge

  • ₱7,900.00

Players: 2-5 Players

Playing Time: 60-90min.

Age: 13+

Among the exclusives there were:

  • new versions of the 4 Monsters only available in the original Kickstarter campaign (Mountain Giantess, Garm, Seer Troll, Wolfwoman)
  • 3 brand new monsters (Ymir, Hildisvíni and Nídhöggr)
  • the brand-new all-female Stag Clan (including their Mystics and Sculpted Clan Tokens)
  • 24 Cards to add a 5th Player into the board game
  • Golden Gods of Asgard (deluxe version of the classic expansion with re-sculpted oversized golden figures, and now including Hel - the new God of Asgard to carry on the original game effect of Hili, a previously released exclusive promo)
  • new versions of 3 Sculpted Tokens (Doom, Saga and First Player)
  • new Plastic Pillage Tokens


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