Space Dogs

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From Play Platter, the publisher---

Space dogs is a 2-4 player card game about dogs, outer space and galactic invasions!
In this game, all players are owners of dog agencies. Your goal is to find homes for space dogs and be the best agency in the galaxy!
There are earth cards and space cards in the game. Earth cards are contracts, and they comprise of earthlings looking for dogs. Space cards comprise of dogs looking for homes, cards to train your dogs, and galactic event cards. All you have to do is to complete contract requirements using dog and training cards and you use event cards to tweak the game to your advantage or to mess around with other players.
The first to 10 Victory Points is declared the best dog agency and wins the game!
Over 30 dogs breeds, this game has an illustrated rule book to make it easy to learn. The box is light and portable so you can bring it anywhere with you without the added bulk.


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