Mission Statement

Game Detective is a board game distribution company based in Manila with a different spin on things: we aim to bring hard to find games to the local boardgaming community which we believe is on the path to a significant boom. We provide games that are normally difficult to source, games that have gone out of print and games that have not yet even been released. Whatever our clients want, we can provide. Hence our name, Game Detective!

Game Detective born in late 2015, operates off of the logistical backbone and wealth of experience provided by ANSI Corporation, an import and trading company with over 20 years of experience in the Philippine market.

Among its logistical capabilities are in house brokerage, warehousing and in house trucking services, supported by a fleet of company owned long haul trucks.  This all adds up to an overall service capacity of over 1000 Metric Tons in product moved per month. While our retail game distribution arm may be new, our parent company definitely has the muscle to meet the demand.

Here at Game Detective, we believe in giving credit to the hard work of game designers by patronizing their creations. As such, we strive to actively fight against board game piracy by providing the hottest games as soon as possible, removing the market for cheap knockoffs from China, where shortage of supply has created a market for low quality knock off games to proliferate.

By bringing in official representation of products in the Philippine Market, we hope to meet the demand we see for boardgames and prevent the sales of China made fakes. Having these cheap imitations masquerade as original products not only affect the number of copies being sold, but also the reputation for quality of the publisher.

At Game Detective, we believe in the potential of boardgames in the Philippine market and it is our desire to deliver the joy of tabletop games to the hands and homes of eager Filipinos everywhere.



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