The Core Team

Mark Wesley Ang - Managing Partner

“I choose all the games!”

Mark has been an avid board game fanatic for years – building up his personal collection of board games to over a hundred in just a span of two years. Armed with the dream to share his love of Board Games to the local community and backed with his experience in logistics; he, along with the rest of the partners came up with the idea to open a board game concierge business where all requests are accommodated and no gamer will ever hear the word Out of Stock again.

Today, Mark takes charge of the purchases for Game Detective as well deciding on what Kickstarters to back. With his passion for games, Game Detective has become the go-to source for games that either hard to source, out of print or is still just the brainchild of creative designers worldwide.


Patrick Lam - Logistics Partner

“I bring all the games!”

Patrick acts as the Logistics arm of Game Detective. Having been one of the original founding partners, he and Mark built up the company from the ground up. His attention to detail isn’t just geared towards the quality of Card Sleeves he uses or how well preserved his games are but to how he handles the shipment of board games from different distributors around the world.

Patrick is integral to making sure that all board games acquired by Game Detective passes the standards of quality that he applies to his own collection. So rest assured, that not only are your games arriving in tip-top shape, they’re also marked with Patrick’s seal of approval.


Nikki Lee Esparaz - Accounts & Finance Partner

“I buy all the games!”

There are people that you don’t see but you know you wouldn’t function if they didn’t exist. Nikki is that person. She is in charge of handling, juggling and managing the inflow and outflow of cash. From releasing funds for purchase and procuring funds from clients to handling the books of Game Detective. Her logistical skills ensure a well-organized and well-balanced structure for Game Detective.

 If Mark is the heart, then she is the brains of Game Detective. Without her coolness under pressure and her ability handle the partners, they would have gone on massive shopping sprees years ago.


Behind the scenes, there are more you can expect. Find out soon!



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