9 Lives

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A card game for cat-lovers, cat-haters, and cat-neutral people. Even dog people will love it.


Our cats always end up in the darnedest situations, so good thing they have 9 extra lives to battle it out until it's the last cat standing. Fight other cats by playing dirty, playing nice, or by just being all-around luckier than everyone else. It's the purrfect card game to play with friends!

In 9 Lives, your goal is to outwit, outplay, and outlast the opposition. Stay alive and stay lucky when karma cards decide your fate. Utilize paw cards to maneuver around dangerous situations or send other players straight into them. Declare yourself the alpha cat when everyone else has died to completely unforseen "accidents" and you've won the cat-tle royale.

Sometimes our cats get a bit too carried away with playtime. 

Vampurrs is the first expansion for 9 Lives which adds a completely new layer to the game! Watch the battle unfold between the Vampurrs or Cat Helsing, and find out who among the cats is the filthy bloodsucker who's been taking all the catnip.

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For now, the mystery box still remains a mystery. *wink*wink*

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The cats of 9 Lives are posing challenges for the backers to accomplish. Complete 2 tasks from each cat's list to unlock their respective icon on the Cat Bingo card. All backers will receive the corresponding reward for each pattern unlocked that is indicated on the Cat Bingo reward list. The more icons unlocked, the better the prizes!

Risks and challenges

9 Lives is our pilot project so while we did our research, we expect that some things might not go as planned. To resolve this, we have consulted groups and individual who have experience on what we are looking into so that we can better prepare for the things that could pose to be a problem along the way.


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