Barker's Row KS Ringmaster Edition

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Barker's Row is a 2-4 player game in which you are a carnival barker trying to fill your 3D chipboard seats with "rube" meeples by playing the most fantastic attractions.

You draft these barker cards from a community pool and play them into the midway. Then you use those cards to play one of fifty or so attractions that will amaze and delight the rube meeples in your seats while giving you a special power to use later in the game. Stay tuned for some drafts of these attractions, such as Lobster Boy, Goose-Necked Girl, and the Fiji Mermaid. Each time you play an attraction, you climb higher on the strongman tower, making the next one harder to play, serving as an elegant and thematic catch-up mechanism. The player to first fill all their seats wins!

The Ringmaster KS Edition includes the Midway Mat, Custom Sleeves for both Barkers and Attractions, and an Attraction Promo Pack.

Number of Players

2-4 Players

Play Time

25–50 Min




Card Game, Card Drafting, Hand Management, Trick-taking

Sleeve Type

Customized Sleeves Packs included in this Deluxe Game


 Credits to: Board Game Geek

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