Berlin Manalaysay's Combatron: The Card Game

Berlin Manalaysay's Combatron: The Card Game

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Based on the one of the most popular comic strips of the 90's from the Philippines legendary "Funny Komiks".

Players choose to fight for good or space domination by picking one of the Space Warriors and their arsenal - Combatron, Metalika, Death Metal or Abodawn.
On a turn a player had to play one card (Power or Assist) and based on what players play, the action will take place.
Power vs Power - Player with the highest total power wins and deals damage to opponent
Power vs Assist - No Damage will be dealt but card effects will still trigger
Assist vs Assist - Both cards will cancel out each others effects.

Each damage will make a Space Warrior more powerful, a 3rd one will bring them their Ultimate! A player must deal 4 damages to defeat their opponent.
A player wins the game by being the last one standing and by then they will be called as the most powerful Space Warrior!

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