Blend Coffee Lab. (Pre-Loved)

  • ₱1,500.00

Playing Time: 15-30 Minutes

Players: 2-4

Age: 12+

Blend Coffee Lab is a trick-taking card game about pairing roasted coffee beans to make delicious coffee blends. Each player is a worker in the coffee lab, tirelessly working day and night to research coffee blending; pursue a unique, harmonious flavor, while keeping current trends in mind; and create a new, harmonious flavor that could never be made from a single origin source.

In game terms, players each have a hand of cards. The leader of the trick plays a card, and each other player in turn must lay down a card of a color not yet played, if possible. Players are trying to collect cards in order to complete cups of coffee. Cards come in three roasts — light, medium, and dark — and four colors. To create a cup, you need cards in all four colors in a single roast. When you do this, you score points equal to the sum of the card values that compose that cup. If you match the round's roast, you score 10 bonus points.

You track your scores over three rounds, and at the end of three rounds, you keep only your highest score in each roast across the three rounds, then sum those values to determine the final winner.




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