Cover Me (Pre-Loved)

  • ₱2,300.00

Playing Time: 30-60 Minutes

Players: 2-5

Age: 10+

In Cover Me, you are the chief editor of a magazine and your task is to brainwash the public so they think the models that star on your cover are the most stylish in the industry. Unfortunately you can't do this alone, and you need the help of the other magazines, but they are interested only in launching the models in their portfolio. Can you trick the other magazines in covering the models that help you achieve your goal and crush their dreams to become the most prestigious magazine?

In more detail, the game is played in seasons. Each three months make one complete season, and after each season, a season special is published with your top model. To select a model, a player always has a selection of possible models available (his portfolio). Based on the selections of the different magazines you influence the public and determine the trends for the season. By anticipating the selections of your opponents and selecting the right model for your own magazine you can try to put a model on one of your covers that is completely in line with all trends so it can be your star in the season special. If you manage to do this, you keep the model in your score pile and you score points. If you haven't managed to cover such a model, you don't score points this round unless you managed to put three models on the cover that don't have anything in common with the fashion trends. If you manage to have such alternative models you can score multiple models, but this isn't easy to achieve.



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