Crossroads of Heroes KS Edition + Evil Sect Expansion

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In Crossroads of Heroes®, you play as a martial arts hero hailing from one of the five most venerated sects of Chinese Wuxia: Emei, Shaolin, Beggar, Wudang and Kunlun. You start the game as a virtuous character who seeks to gain renown and become the next Grand Master of Wulin. However, during your journey, if you employ too many evil methods, you will turn Evil Scum and must then resort to a dark path to victory!

During a player's turn, they can choose to train in ancient martial arts techniques, fight in duels, employ stratagems, search for food and items, and travel the Jianghu in hopes of gaining an edge over their rivals.

Crossroads of Heroes® is a strategic game that challenges players to make decisions based on their personal links to their characters. Aside from trying to win, each player must also decide how they wish to reach that goal - by being a hero or villain.

Number of Players

2-5 Players

Play Time

4590 Min




Fighting, Hand Management, Asian Theme

Sleeve Type

Standard cards: 157 @ 57 x 89mm;

Medium cards: 20 @ 65 x 100mm

57x90mm: Standard, Premium

65x100mm: Standard, Premium


 Credits to: Board Game Geek

The Evil Sect expansion adds a sixth character into the game. Whoever chooses to play as this character will start the game as an evil character and must destroy his opponents mercilessly or lure them to the side of evil!

 Credits to: Board Game Geek

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