Danmaku!! - Game Detective


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Travel to the mystic realm of Gensokyo, a place where humans and youkai live together sealed off from the outside world. Gensokyo is not always peaceful, though, and conflicts and alliances arise constantly. To resolve these incidents, the Spell Card system was created, allowing humans and youkai alike to compete in beautiful and elegant danmaku battles. Who will be victorious? Take to the skies and shoot it out!

Danmaku!! is a card game for 4 – 7 players based off of the Touhou series of shoot-’em-up games. Players choose one of the dozens of characters in the Touhou universe and secretly take the roles of the Heroine, the Partners, Bosses, and the EX Boss. Attack your enemies and defend your allies by playing cards to shoot each other, graze others’ attacks, or activate your Spell Card to create powerful, unique effects.



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