Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid Expansion: X-Treme Edition

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KS: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pandasaurus/dinosaur-island-back-from-extinction/description

Dinosaur Island X-Treme Edition: https://www.thegamedetective.com/products/dinosaur-island-x-treme-edition

Duelosaur Island X-Treme Edition: https://www.thegamedetective.com/products/duelosaur-island-x-treme-edition

Dinosaur Island Upgrade Kit: https://www.thegamedetective.com/products/dinosaur-island-upgrade-kit-to-x-treme-edition

We've been asking players what they wanted from a Dinosaur Island expansion for the last year+ and have been listening, working and testing (and testing, and testing) and Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid is the result!  We'll be revealing Water Dinoz, new extensions and executives throughout the campaign so keep your eyes glued here for new content!

And yes, we have been listening.   Introducing Moriya Labs, the 5th player expansion for the game!

Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid adds lots of cool new mechanisms to the game on top of a 5th player setup.  The Blueprint Module gives all players bonus points for following the plans laid out on the card!   

The Park extension gives players a new extension to the board that gives them a unique way to score points and unique mechanics to explore separately from all other players.  The Executive Worker gives each player a unique worker to their corporation that acts completely differently from any other worker in the game.  

Below you see some examples from Mega Rex who is a really hard to make dinosaur (2 of each advanced DNA!) and is extra dangerous, but the guests love him!  Build seating and up to 8 guests will come to see him!   The CFO worker gives you a new way to make money by placing him on an item in the marketplace and gaining the payment for yourself instead of the bank!

 And we're just getting started.  PR events will be introduced during the campaign along with additional Executive workers and Park Extension boards!

Check out all the shmancy components in Totally Liquid!

For Duelosaur Island and Totally Liquid it means a new X-treme edition box with spot UV box, metallic ink box and stretch goals that we can't afford to include in the retail editions of these games.  These will be Kickstarter exclusive editions that will not be available at retail, so grab 'em now!




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