Island Project (Pre-Loved)

  • ₱1,600.00

Playing Time: 30-40 Minutes

Players: 2-4

Age: 8+

The last chance for humankind to survive! As the Earth's sea levels keep rising due to global warming, there are only few remaining habitable lands on the planet. The world's top scientists scramble to come up with a rescue plan but most have failed.

Until 2165, the Island Project is launched using a way to activate submarine volcanoes to erupt gently. The flowing lava meets the ocean, and cools and hardens into a new island. Although the project is effective, when a volcano erupts and detonates nearby, hidden volcanoes, it will endanger the ocean and mankind. The timing of eruptions is hard to predict, and the trigger effects are widespread.

In order to conserve the tribal community, you need wise strategies and resilience to lead your tribesmen to safe islands and plateaus! Lead your tribe from the Native Islands and search for Newly Formed Islands.

Island Project is a family, party game, for all ages. The theme and artwork of the game smartly gives a strong message to environmental awareness, and knowledge of how lands were form base on science.

During the game, players try their best to lead their own tribes to safe islands and plateaus, on the other hand avoiding the other players to receive points from doing the same, maybe it's a good idea that trying to create volcanoes next to the other tribes...and get to the safe places on your own since the space on the islands are limited...



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