It Happens... (Pre-Loved)

  • ₱1,000.00

Playing Time: 30 Minutes

Players: 2-5

Age: 8+

Anton, the adventurous anteater, is out looking for food. Nosy as he is, he sticks his long nose into every termite hill he comes across, and it’s not just edible things that he turns up either. His main objective, however, is the termite queen and her general. They earn the most points at the end.

A dice game where players have to place dice one by one onto certain columns of different anthills in order to attain the majority and score the most victory points. Majorities are not all the players must think about, however, as players will also want to place their dice on certain spaces to collect various items, forming sets that are also worth points at the end of the game. The player that is best able to balance attaining majorities while also collecting items will likely be the winner.

The funny background illustrations show the Anton the anteater in trouble with the ants and termites as he explores their homes.



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