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The object of the game is to remove your opponents' organs using corresponding afflictions before they remove yours. The last person to still have at least one organ is the winner.

In addition to Affliction cards (like Pancreatitis, which can be played on either Gallbladder or Pancreas), the game has instant defensive cards, and lots of crazy tactical moves that shake things up. What you end up with is a pretty fast-paced, very fun, and often intense gameplay that's suitable for all levels of players.

ORGAN DECK (20 cards):
There are 19 organs in the deck, plus one Organ WILD card. The 19 organs were chosen based on the most used Awkward Yeti characters, and include most of the major organs like Heart and Brain, as well as fan favorites like Tongue and Teeth. 
Organs require 2 afflictions for removal and the Organ WILD requires 4 afflictions for removal (however, it is susceptible to any affliction card)

ATTACK DECK (72 cards):
 It takes two corresponding afflictions to remove an opponent's organ. Afflictions match up with one or more organs and can only be played on that organ (unless you play it along with Metastasis, which turns an Affliction into a Wild)
Wilds: Wilds can be played as one affliction on any organ, except for Necrosis Wild cards, which instantly remove an organ
Resistance: Defensive cards that resist attacks or instantly block attacks
Tactical and Bureaucracy: These cards shake the game up in a variety of ways. For example, "Kidnapped" allows you to take an opponent's organ for yourself. "Sedate" skips an opponent for two turns, etc
Poisoned: As soon as the card is drawn, the player must remove one of his/her own organs.

The two decks will be packaged side by side in a nice box along with the rule book (I will update as I have more specific info/design available)


OrganATTACK! brings to life medical and pseudoscientific concepts in a twisted, hilarious, very fun, and surprisingly educational card game for anyone who owns organs.*

Developed, designed and illustrated by The Awkward Yeti, creator of four successful Kickstarter campaigns,* including this one to make Heart and Brain plush toys. Awkward Yeti comics reach millions each month on the web, including a portion of 1.2 million Facebook fans
(*100% of The Awkward Yeti's campaigns have reached or exceeded their goals!)


Number of Players


Play Time

30 Mins



Strategy, Family Game 

Sleeve Type

120 Cards 65x90

Standard 65x90 

Premium 65x90


 Credits to Board Game Geek


  • 1 Organ Deck and 1 Attack Deck
  • Expansion Deck (4 new organs!)
  • Rulebook
  • Organ Stack sticker
  • Medical Journal magnetic closure box


Can I use the Transplant Card on the Wild Organ?

Yes you can! You just have to take any afflictions with it if any!

How many cards can I discard?

You can discard up to two cards when it’s your turn!

Does OrganATTACK! come with the expansion pack?

Yes it does! The expansion pack was one of our stretch goals so it’s included with every game!

Does the Immunity Boost card block the Necrosis card?

Yes it does! You only need one Immunity Boost to block any card!


OrganATTACK!: TEAMS Expansion Pack

Organ harvesting just got more intense! With OrganATTACK TEAMS Expansion Pack, you form a team with another player and take on other teams, to ultimately, take them out. This expansion pack lets you Concur with your partner to launch a coordinated attack, administer CPR to bring a flatlined partner back into play, or Quarantine the other team to take them out of play. Assemble your Team and take on your opposers. The team with one organ "standing" is the winner.

The TEAMS Expansion Pack comes with 27 new team play cards and 1 team play rules card. Must have the main OrganATTACK game to incorporate this pack

Credits to BoardGameGeek



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