Sabrina Stachelschwein

Sabrina Stachelschwein

  • ₱800.00

Playing Time: 10-15

Players: 2-5

Age: 6+

Bang, pow! Someone didn't think ahead clearly when the animals' balloon party was planned and Sabrina the porcupine was invited.

In Sabrina Stachelschwein, each player has a number of balloon cards on the table in front of them, with the balloons having different values and all of the balloons being placed in a circle. Sabrina wants to say "hello" to all of her friends, so she keeps running around the circle, with her movement determined by a die roll. Wherever she stops, the balloon pops, with that card being placed on a discard pile. Sabrina can circle in either direction, and players can add new balloons to the table as well.

Once one player runs out of balloons, the game ends, and whoever owns the most valuable balloons wins.



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