Sidibaba (Pre-Loved)

  • ₱2,400.00

Playing Time: 45 Minutes

Players: 3-7

Ages: 14+

In Sidibaba, players take on the role of Sidibaba and his friends who are searching for hidden treasure in a cave. One of the players (the moderator and also the Leader of the thieves) has a map of the maze and helps guide the other players by providing visions (using tiles) of what lies in front of Sidibaba and his friends, such as a corridor with branching tunnels. After discussion amongst themselves, the other players must decide which way to take, and which of their special powers to use to move along the track; if they cannot agree, then they must vote.

Unfortunately for the Sidibaba and his friends, the Leader of the thieves (the game moderator) knows that Sidibaba and his friends are in his cave and are after his treasure. Sidibaba and his friends win if they manage to get the treasure and get out of the cave before their oil lamps go out. The leader of the thieves wins if Sidibaba and his friends don't get out of the caves in time, or when he manages to catch Sidibaba and his friends when they don't have a spare oil lamp left. As a result, each camp has its own objectives and its own mode of operation.

Sidibaba is a real-time game in which players have a limited amount of time to negotiate or else they'll watch their torches go out one by one, eventually leaving them lost in the dark.

Sidibaba was originally designed as Theseus, with the players trying to outwit the Minotaur in its maze.



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