TerrainCrate Dungeon Crate

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Bring your RPGs, dungeon crawlers and wargames to life with our range of plastic, pre-assembled 28mm fantasy scenery.

Created by Mantic Games, the brains behind the hugely popular BattleZones modular terrain and tabletop games - including The Walking Dead: All Out WarKings of War and Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King's QuestTerrainCrate is a new range of incredibly detailed, pre-assembled, plastic scenery to create your perfect custom dungeon or battlefield.

With this Kickstarter, you'll get fantasy terrain that's:

  • Affordable! - save up to 50% on the RRP, plus additional free stretch goals
  • Plastic! - this will be hard-wearing plastic, rather than potentially fragile (and often expensive) resin
  • Multi-purpose! - combine different sets to create entirely new themes and rooms
  • Pre-built! - all the scenery pieces are ready straight from the box
  • Multi-use! - we've created TerrainCrate to be used with a range of games, RPGs and existing terrain ranges
An example of our existing Dungeon Saga terrain.
An example of our existing Dungeon Saga terrain.

Each piece comes in coloured plastic, so you can instantly take them out the box and place them on your gaming table, ready to play. Whether you’re exploring a mysterious dungeon, visiting a medieval town or fighting it out on the fields of battle, TerrainCrate brings your tabletop to life. 

An example of our existing plastic Dungeon Saga terrain.
An example of our existing plastic Dungeon Saga terrain.



In this set you’ll get everything you need to furnish a dungeon with incredibly detailed 3D scenery. From a wizard’s study packed with magical paraphernalia, to a glittering treasury overflowing with mysterious artefacts, this set is a dungeon master’s dream! In the TerrainCrate: Dungeon set, you currently get all these great pieces and we’ll be adding more as the campaign progresses!


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