Wisdom of Solomon

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King Solomon reigned over the kingdom of Israel during its golden age. He commanded tribute from Israel’s neighbors, expanded Israel’s borders, built roads and fortresses, and kept the peace within the land. His merchants filled the kingdom with exotic goods such as spices, ivory, apes, and peacocks. Perhaps most famously, Solomon also built the Temple in Jerusalem, a golden place of worship lasting hundreds of years.

Wisdom of Solomon is a 1-5 player worker placement game taking place during the reign of King Solomon. Players act as Governors for Solomon, sending out workers to gather Resources, build structures, and expand Solomon’s influence in the kingdom. The player who curries the most Favor will be crowned the winner!

The Wisdom of Solomon board is divided into two sections. The section on the right side of the board is a map of Solomon’s kingdom where players will build custom houses and roads. As a Governor expands their influence in the land with new roads and houses, that Governor’s network will become more powerful and pull Resources from more and more areas. These networks of custom houses will control the flow of Resources in Wisdom of Solomon!

On the left side of the board is a miniaturized version of the city of Jerusalem. Within this city is the Market area, a region of the city where workers will be sent to buy, sell, and trade Resources and also to play powerful Fortune cards that have been acquired. Elsewhere in Jerusalem is a Foreman who has the plans for building new structures throughout Israel. A Governor can use their Resources to build these structures and create new houses of influence in the kingdom, while granting the Governor new ways to gain Resources and Favor.

Finally, within the city of Jerusalem a Governor may visit the Levites to help build the Temple of Solomon. Workers send to the Levites can donate Resources to raise this awesome structure and gain great Favor and Fortune! Next to this Temple are the Holy Places, the most sacred of objects that groups of workers may visit and receive great things!

Wisdom of Solomon ends when a Governor no longer has a Custom House to build or the Temple of Solomon has been completed. When that occurs, the round ends and each person reveals their Temple Tokens. Each Governor tallies their final score and the person having the most Favor wins!

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