Zombicide: Green Horde – No Rest for the Wicked + Liam KSE

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In some places, dark magic seems to permeate the ground itself, corrupting everyone and everything. It can be the consequence of a necromancer ritual, a desecrated sanctuary, or the recent manifestation of otherworldly forces, among others. In such areas, infected animals gather like moths to a flame. Zombies are almost immortal. And above all, scourges like necromancer dragons may claim the place as their wicked nest. From then on, nature itself seems to succumb to the zombie plague, and all hope is lost. Until we show up, that is. As long as we have something to say, there will be no rest for the wicked!

This box contains an absurdly wide range of enemies. From tiny scurrying swarms of undead rats, to spectral walkers that only magic can touch, to a humongous undead Necromantic Dragon that will haunt your nightmares! All that plus a Ballista siege engine to give you a hand in dealing with these wicked creatures.

The full contents of the Zombicide: No Rest for the Wicked expansion are:
1 Necromantic Dragon huge figure
18 Spectral Walker figures
15 Swarm of Ratz figures
1 Ballista miniature
32 Zombie cards
14 Dragon cards
1 Rules leaflet

Number of Players: 1-6
Playing Time: 60 Minutes
Recommended Age: 13+
Language: English

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Zombicide: Green Horde or Zombicide: Black Plague is required to play.


--This item is CMON Zombicide: No Rest for the Wicked Expansion for Black Plague or Green Horde and includes the Kickstarter Exclusive survivor, Liam, its figure and ID card.



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